Umbrela, Always Alert

For your peace of mind, Umbrela is always watching and listening, with a built in camera, microphone, and motion sensors. Umbrela can take both photos and videos of intruders, but for your privacy and security this data is not uploaded to the internet. Unlike other devices that constantly push this sensitive footage online, with Umbrela it is stored only locally, in your own home.

Someone is always home

The first line of defence against would-be intruders and thieves is deterrence. Umbrela is able to simulate human presence while you’re out or away for long periods of time, including switching on the lights, and playing music, at random intervals. This makes your home a much less likely target for any potential break-in.

Powerful Response Features

In the event of a break-in, Umbrela has powerful response features, including:

  • notification on your smart phone, or to authorized friends or family
  • a loud siren
  • flashing lights or all on lights
  • ability to remote view
  • ability to notify police & emergency services

Comfort & More

Umbrela includes even more features for additional peace of mind and comfort. Notifications and alarms for temperature and humidity can warn you and allow you to take action before a potential issue. These sensors are enabled whether you are at home or not, for maximum comfort and safety. Also, Umbrela includes privacy features such as camera LEDs, so you are always aware of the recording status.

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The Trouble with Analog and Wi-Fi

“Most do-it-yourself security solutions available on the market today fall into two distinct categories – analog cameras and IP cameras. Analog systems typically come with intimidating instruction manuals that read like books, require you to drill holes through walls and ceilings, and run hundreds of feet of cable directly from the camera to the recording device. And the networking setup process is so complicated that, unless you have advanced knowledge or familiarity with internet protocols or home networking, you need to call a professional. All that just to get a steady stream of low quality, blurry video like the convenience store robbery videos that you’ve seen on the 11 o’clock news.

IP cameras leverage newer technology and are often wireless — for example, Wi-Fi® — which virtually eliminates the hassle of cables. However, when you need an always on, robust connection, Wi-Fi can’t always deliver — falling short on speed, range, and robust data transmission.”

Logitech Homeplug infosheet (

Umbrela avoids both of these pitfalls by using Homeplug as its main mode of data transfer over existing power lines.