Umbrela Fits your Life


Your Music, anywhere, and everywhere. 

Wow your guests. With a single command, transform your surroundings by turning on music and lighting the fireplace. Umbrela supports a single music stream on single or multiple panels, as well as multiple streams over multiple panels. You can also connect to internet radios, or play your music through a USB stick. Umbrela provides almost infinite possibilities and flexibility.

Light Control & Color Ambiance

Umbrela gives you full control over your lighting, which can be easily customized according to your needs. 4 separate dimmer controls are included in the Umbrela power module, so you don’t need to replace any bulbs or add dimmers. Each Umbrela unit can connect to 4 switches within a single gangbox.

Virtual switches also allow you to move switches from one location to another within seconds. With Mood lighting, you can control the color ambiance and intensity of any light, as well as synchronize it with your music.

Presets and Scenes

Wake up with a natural sunrise effect, compliments of Umbrela’s built in LED lights. The temperature automatically adjusts to your morning comfort level, and your room fills with your favorite music. Send an announcement to the kids’ room through Umbrela’s built in intercom to tell them breakfast is served. Umbrela provides full scene control, so you can customize your environment as you see fit.

Access with your Smartphone 

Umbrela helps to keep your home safe and secure, but it also helps you to save on your energy bill by tracking your energy use.

Umbrela can be controlled remotely by your smartphone, as well as your voice. It will also gain even more abilities in the future through software updates, including temperature control, and face/voice recognition.

 Goodnight Umbrela

When it’s time for bed, Umbrela does everything but turn down the bed. As you head to bed, Umbrela shuts off the lights, arms the alarm, and automatically adjusts temperature and humidity* for a comfortable sleep.

*Temperature and humidity control support pending future update.

Your Privacy is

All your data is stored locally, and never
shared or uploaded to the cloud.



A home can be smart without the clutter.
Umbrela integrates into your space in an
elegant and seamless way.


You deserve
to save

With features such as power metering and auto-shutoff of lights,
you will save both energy and money.


Your Health
is paramount

We believe you don't need any more
RF radiation in your home, which is
one of the reasons why Umbrela
uses power-line technology.


Setup should
be simple

No custom wiring needed.
Umbrela is remarkably powerful, yet
surprisingly simple to setup and use.


All this and more is possible with Umbrela.