The three founders bring together almost 30 years of high tech start up experience to Umbrela. Below are some of their career highlights:

Salman Qureshi


A Mechanical Engineer with MBA in Finance, Qureshi is accomplished at driving high tech,  ground-breaking product development projects from concept to commercialization. He has over 10 years experience leading R&D and manufacturing for a Neurosurgical Medical Device start-up, and over 6 years experience in the defence and space industry, where he led projects related to the Canadian Space Agency and International Space Station.

Filipe Fernandes

VP Electronics

An experienced electronics engineer and EMC expert, Filipe has over 20 years experience in electronic designs, as well as more than 10 years experience in the start-up world, where he has participated in numerous analog and digital designs.

Ryan Ramchandar

VP Software

With a degree in Computer Engineering, Ryan is an accomplished embedded, desktop and mobile developer. He has strong knowledge and passion for creating intuitive graphical user interfaces, and over 5 years experience in high tech start-up industries

Mark Matthewson

Scott Kaisaris
VP Sales and Marketing

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