Luxury Smart Home and Security

Own the power and elegance previously limited to high-priced custom home automation systems.


Wired is Better

  • Unlike other smart home devices, Umbrela uses the latest powerline communication technology which makes Umbrela incredibly robust

  • Umbrela can stream HD video, audio and data to any part of the house, over your home’s existing wiring – something not possible to do reliably using WiFi.

  • Unlike other smart home devices, Umbrela does not use or choke your existing WiFi bandwidth.

Oh, and you can relax – no need to install new wiring or drill holes in your walls. Umbrela works on your home’s existing wiring

All Elusive to All Inclusive

No need to replace bulbs, buy dimmers, cameras, speakers, touch screens, motions sensors, temperature sensors, or thermostats. No need to signup for home security plans. Umbrela has all these features built into a single device.

Secure and Private

Umbrela does not use WiFi in order to avoid security and connectivity issues. While Umbrela does provide a wireless network to connect with other appliances and devices, it is not an “internet of things” device, so avoids many of those problems and pitfalls.

Pain Relief

With Umbrela, there’s no need to worry about protocols, interoperability, or any other mishmash of buzzwords. Umbrela is meant to be used right out of the box, without a massive time investment of installing, fiddling, configuring, or troubleshooting. That being said, Umbrela is still highly customizable and expandable according to your needs.

A must have upgrade for your home.

Umbrela is more than just another smart home product. It’s a product that will deeply enhance the way you interact with your home in a meaningful, and beautiful way.


Custom light control, mood lighting, music, and more


Space monitoring, intruder detection, and response


Environmental monitoring, climate control, and more.


Reminders, group calendar and health monitoring