You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Umbrela gives you the ability to track Home Energy usage, and allows you to manage and take control of your domestic energy consumption through power metering.

Be Bound No More. No Contract, No Monthly Fee.

Home Security monitoring fee can add up to hundreds of dollars every year and thousands of dollars in equipment and installation. With Umbrela built in HD security camera and surveillance system you can enjoy your own intelligent and fully customizable security for no added cost.

Projected energy savings

Umbrela allows for optimized energy usage, no matter what kind of household you have. 

Save Energy, Save Money, Save Hassle

Optimize your energy use with Umbrela:

  • Save on energy bills through energy efficient settings based on your energy use
  • Turning off lights when not needed.
  • No Standby. Save energy by turning off all non essential electronic devices
  • Dimming of lights saves electricity

Turning the heat down by few degrees every night can save you approximately 10% on your heating bill. If you set back the temperature while you are away from home in the day or vacation can result in even bigger savings

Umbrela’s adaptive Smart HVAC control provides:

  • Energy efficient climate control based on your energy use.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of space other than the one in which the thermostat is located.
  • Temperature and humidity averaging for optimal comfort.

Save with Umbrela